Barras Lehr Azygram

Barras Lehr

A member of the Eternian Sky Knights, Barras Lehr carries the Monk asterisk. He is one of the first bosses in the intro chapter of Bravely Default. He believe there are only two tactics a real warrior needs: Frontal assault, and death by frontal assault!

Character Name Barras Lehr
Gender Male
First Appearance Bravely Default: Flying Fairy


Max HP 300
Weakness N/A
Family Human
Physical Attack 50
Magic Attack 20
Physical Defense 5
Magic Defense 10

Boss Strategy

Barras uses abilities such as Invigorate that increases his attack power, but has a small chance to hurt him. He will often Brave use that time to unleash stored up BP and bring him down. During this fight you should first focus on Holly Whyte because she will cast heal and protect on herself and Barras. Once she is defeated take out Barras.